I studied BSc. (Hons) Digital Art & Technology at Plymouth University from 2010 - 2014 and graduated with a First Class Honours degree. Digital Art & Technology is one of the UK's most well established interactive media degrees, it combines modern design practices and computer programming with an addition of art and business theory to create a hybrid of important and useful skills. DAT sets up its students ready to enter the digital world with a powerful and diverse skillset. It is a four year sandwich degree with an optional industrial placement in the third year.

Below is a small selection of some of my projects I created and worked on:


CO2 is an interactive, real time and living data visualisation. It measures a persons internet usage through a Chrome extension and it displays in real time the impact this has on the environment in grams of carbon dioxide, this visualisation is shown both virtually in the extension and physically through an art installation.

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Tangible Voice

Tangible Voice is an Internet of Things inspired experiment into modern communication with the aim to make digital communication more physical and intimate.

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In my final year business module, tasked with setting up a new start-up company, myself and two others created bento; a design & development agency, specialising in interaction.

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Momento was a 2 week, quick turn-around project for my final year interaction module. It is a simple, Internet of Things, based FaceTime calling system designed for the elderly.

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