Tangible Voice is an Internet of Things inspired experiment into modern communication with the aim to make it more physical and intimate.

Tangible Voice is an experimental project that uses advanced web technologies; allowing users to speak to their browser to record a sound based 'Memory'. These Memories are then sent to an intuitive, tangible interface, this hub communicates with the user through sound, light and touch. From this users can store the awaiting Memory onto a physical counter; creating a narrative through saving multiple Memories on one physical object.

Snapshots of the counter's story of Memories can be heard at the hub, the light providing a visible and real-time feedback for the Memory with an unique identity of colour. Or they can be heard online either in browser or in a mobile web-app, allowing the user to pick their choice of physical object, seeing the entire story of Memories and giving the ability to create unique titles for each of them.

Tangible Voice aims to bring some form of humanity back into digital communication. Modern communication relies heavily on the sending and receiving of text-based messages not in real time.

For more information visit the dedicated website for Tangible Voice.