Momento was a group project in the first term of my final year on Digital Art & Technology in an Interaction Design module. It was a quick turn-around project which had to be developed and then presented in two weeks. The aim of the project in the brief we were given was to build something with focus on Interaction to aid the elderly population; for this we developed Momento.

Momento is a way of simplifying the process of contacting a friend or love one and stripping out any confusing technology. We built Momento using an Arduino and a system of RFID tagged 'momentos'. The momentos are objects which remind the user of the person they want to call. When these are placed on the central hub, it instantly connects a FaceTime call, to the person related to that momento, on the wireless book.

Within the group I lead and organised the team, I developed the Arduino system working closely with others who were developing the PHP back end of the system, I also produced and edited the marketing video for Momento.

Momento Website

We developed the idea, built the finished and working system, marketing video, branding and website (seen above) in two weeks and successfully presented it and overall the project exceeded our expectations.