In my final year of Digital Art & Technology I picked an optional business & entrepreneurial module, in which we had to form a group and create a viable business, in particular focusing on creating a feasible business plan which, at the end of the year, we had to present in a 'Dragon's Den' like pitch to 5 specialists in industry.

Myself and two others created bento, a design and development agency specialising in interaction. Beginning with the rhetoric of creating a business that can sustain itself and fund personal projects through external client work. The company is based upon the aim of developing client work, as well as experimental pieces that could be taken further, into their own larger projects.

We had professional talks with St Luke's Hospice to create a physical computing based marketing campaign for them in Plymouth, creating an idea and a pitch that was worked on alongside St Luke's Hospice.

Bento Website

Amongst the development of our business plan, brand and website (no longer live, but can be seen above), we were also given the task of writing a theoretical 'elevator pitch', for which, after writing we decided to have some fun with the idea of it and pitch our company to random people in a university elevator our video of which can be seen below.

For this project, which focused on viability, bento received the highest grade and was awarded the years university backed award.