For my industrial placement year I was a founding member of a digital start-up called Wonder Room, partnered with the Plymouth Business School, which was focused on providing value in the South West.

Wonder Room existed for a year after my initial year, however eventually merged into Plymouth Business School's new FUTURES centre; to create a centre for Entrepreneurship. The original website is no longer live, however there is an archive website available.

Wonder Room Website

On the placement I worked across a wide spectrum of areas, and experienced the ups and downs of creating a brand new start-up from the ground up. One of my main responsibilities was the brand and website build for Wonder Room. Alongside this I also developed all of external websites totaling over 10 different commercial websites; some for clients and some for internal projects. I also gained experience in a variety of different areas including; managing my own team of student designers, iOS App design and development, print design, physical computing and the development of a electrical product to market, organisation and marketing for 2 major conferences and the re-brand and design of a cafe on campus.

What is Wonder Room - A video in which some of the employees explain what Wonder Room is for them.

A small selection of the many projects I worked on is detailed below:

Light Plinth

Light Plinth is the physical manifestation of a company, product or service's digital identity. An experiment into physical computing that developed beyond imagination.

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Other Projects

At Wonder Room I worked on many other projects including: