Part of my degree involved finding and interviewing for a paid industry placement year prior to my final year of university. I originally had a placement confirmed with Absolute Radio in London, however I also was offered the chance to take part in an experimental and first of its kind placement year in Plymouth, after much deliberation I chose to work in Plymouth. The reason for this choice was that the placement offered a very unique opportunity. The placement was an initiative made possible through funding from Plymouth University's Business School in which they would hire 11 placement students with the aim of starting a brand new company which would be a cross between a business consultancy / creative agency. The placement involved starting a new company from the ground up and generating our own work, we worked both internally for the university itself and externally for clients.

This company over the process of the year became Wonder Room, to aid and guide us Justin Bovington worked with us in a managing and creative director role.

Overall the start-up company went well and in the end developed possibly too quickly for the Business School, our company was shown as a figurehead for entrepreneurship by the University at the Vice Chancellor Awards and many of our projects were showcased by the University and Business School. At the end of our initial year Wonder Room was taken over by a smaller group of administrative placement students and over the course of the year after and was merged into Plymouth Business School's new FUTURES centre; to create a centre for Entrepreneurship.

On the placement I worked leading the web design & development, therefore one of my main responsibilities was building our own brand and website. Alongside this I also developed all of Wonder Room's website work totalling over 10 commercial websites; some for external clients and some for internal projects. In a single year we did an amazing amount of work and alongside this website design and development I also got a chance to gain experience in a variety of different areas including; managing my own team of student designers, iOS App design and development, print design, physical computing and the development of a electrical product to market, organisation and marketing for 2 major conferences and the rebrand of a cafe on campus. A small selection of the many projects I worked on is detailed below:

What is Wonder Room - A video in which some of the Business students working at Wonder Room explain what Wonder Room is for them.

Wonder Room Website

The Wonder Room website was a major part of my work, and over the course of the year it developed into many different forms. In its final form I developed a unique WordPress theme from scratch in order to allow the other Wonder Room employees to update the website copy and add new posts. The website is no longer live due to Wonder Room merging with the Plymouth Business Futures Centre, however click the image above to view the Wonder Room Archive; a website I have set up to preserve the site and its content and display Wonder Room's first year of work.

Light Plinth

Light Plinth is the physical manifestation of a company, product or service's digital identity. An experiment into physical computing that developed beyond imagination.

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Other Projects

I worked on many other projects including: