Alongside the web design and development, I also spent some time working with iOS app development. The first of which was primarily design work, myself and one other colleague took up a 24 hour challenge to develop the branding, iOS design, website and develop from scratch a brand new vector map of the university campus, for an app we called FindMe. A computing student that had developed the back end to a campus navigation app the aim of which was to aid students by giving specific walking directions and duration estimates. The website for FindMe explains further, it is also available for free download on the Apple app store.

I also worked in the development of an app we called ViewTen. ViewTen was about humanising data, recording experiences and it focused around the number ten. It allowed users to record up to ten voice recordings; ten video recordings, both limited to 10 seconds; ten photos; ten words; ten sentences; ten questions and ten GPS places. I worked as the sole developer on this project using PhoneGap to develop it, I was also part of the small core team originally developing the concept. In its current form it is in testing and requires further development before being able to be released to market.