We produced a small scale conference of our own development entitled 21st Century Women sponsored by IBM included talks from people at IBM, PwC and from different sectors of the university. This included working on a large amount of marketing before the conference, I also produced another small website for it, but one of my main roles was live blogging the entire event in real time on Twitter and creating conversations with the audience who got involved using Twitter, which can be seen here.

TEDx Plymouth

Credit to Justin Bovington to this photograph found here.

One amazing project that we spearheaded was the hosting of the first ever TEDx in Plymouth University - TEDx is a satellite conference, which includes the live streaming of the TEDGlobal conference of 2013. For this we initiated the concept, organised the whole conference and also produced 50 one of a kind hand printed invitations seen above. For this conference I also developed a custom made, live twitter aggregation feed which displayed the tweets of the official TEDGlobal event, other important TEDGlobal hashtags in constant use throughout and our own #tedxplymouth for everyone viewing it to get involved. This feed was then displayed alongside the live stream on a massive projector screen as seen below.

Twitter Agregation Feed