After graduating in BSc. Digital Art & Technology I moved to Worcester, U.K. and began working as a web developer with Modus Digital. Shortly after, I took on the Lead Web Designer & Developer role. In this role I designed and developed a myriad of different websites for many different clients.

I worked mostly developing custom and bespoke websites, the majority built in WordPress. I attended many client meetings and worked very closely with a lot of our clients; communicating with them over the course of their website's design and development.

As part of my time at Modus Digital I managed and trained two apprentices, I helped develop their skill-base and learn more about web design and development.

Below is a small selection of some of the projects I worked on:

Paramount Recruitment

The Paramount Recruitment website was one of the highest profile projects that I worked on while at Modus Digital.

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Our Website

I had the privilege to design and develop the new website for Modus Digital.

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St Richard's Hospice

I lead the design and development of a new dynamic and modular design for a busy organisation's high traffic website.

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