Paramount Recruitment - I worked on this project from the very beginning and lead the design and development of the website. The development of this website took over 7 months as it was a vast project with many complications and requirements.

During the design and development of this project we worked very closely with one of the directors of Paramount Recruitment, travelling to Birmingham at least once a month to meet and discuss the ongoing development, throughout the project I was in email and phone contact with him.

Paramount Recruitment Website

I really enjoyed designing this website and taking it further with many small animations and interactive elements that increase the depth of the websites design. One of the main client requirements was to have a fully responsive website with a focus on mobile usage. This was built into my designs from the ground up, always focusing on instilling great and fluid responsive design.

The backend development was incredibly complicated for this website. The website needed to be integrated seamlessly with the Broadbean recruitment API system they already had in place. In the clients specification I also developed many new systems, which were missing in their previous website. These included: a user account login and creation system, a unique job searching engine, the ability to apply via the LinkedIn API, and an achievement system giving awards to users as they update their account/follow Paramount on social media/apply to jobs.