A key requirement of Worcesters St Richard’s Hospice website was to provide simple channels to large swathes of information, that potentially targets several different audiences. For this we designed a colour-coding system that automatically chooses specific sets of colours for images, links and pages throughout depending on the nature of that section of the website. The module homepage design also includes dynamic features such as a ‘most popular pages’ function and fully integrated feeds from social media.

One of the main functionalities required of the client for this website was customisation. They wanted the ability to specifically choose every block in the sidebar and the footer individually for every single page. The reason being they would like to have some pages with more up beat and exciting content, like their events pages and social media pages, but they would like to keep this very separate from more sensitive pages.

This involved building a customised and bespoke website and WordPress theme, with a simple system to allow employees of St Richard's Hospice the ability to pick either a link to another page, or one of many preset blocks such as their Twitter Feed, a link to the top page of the current section and many other presets.

In this project I lead both the design of the website and the back end development, I also communicated with the client throughout.