FutureGov has spent the past 10 years working to improve Public Services through digital & service design. I have been a Product Designer at FutureGov for the last two years.

Much of my time at FutureGov is spent designing & building prototypes, ranging from low fidelity quick implementations of an idea, to high fidelity clickable interactive prototypes, or full live product builds & iterations. This can involve sketching, designing UI, researching & UX design, motion & interaction design or developing front-end code.

Over the last two years I have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from redesigning vital public services such as fostering and child services, to piloting a live experimental rural transport solution, to redeveloping council waste management. On top of designing and developing Public Services, one of the other important aspects of our work with our clients is to skill share agile working methods to leave a lasting impact on the people who will be there after our work ends.

I have worked on a lot of projects ranging from a single sprint exemplar project, to designing, building, testing and iterating a brand new live service from the ground up. Below is a small selection of my work, however unfortunately some of my project work is unable to be shown due to the nature of the contracts.


Designing world class children’s services supported by the best in digital technology

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Hackney Works

Hackney Works is a free employment service offered by Hackney Council. This project was an entire service redesign from the ground up.

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Everymum is a result of exploring new ways to identify and support the needs of families in Essex, a 2 week exemplar project to tackle loneliness and isolation in new parents.

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